Happy 4th of July

Dear IAM Family,

The Fourth of July is here, and today we celebrate America’s birthday. The birth of our nation, and our independence, remind us of generations of Americans, then and now, who have continuously advanced our freedoms.

Our history tells us that freedom is never free. Our military service members have fought and died to defend the rights we hold dear. Brave Americans of all backgrounds have stood up and demanded the expansion of those freedoms for all of us.

The IAM and our members are proud to be a part of that great American tradition. We stand up for the rights of all working people to live, prosper and be free – and we will always will.

In solidarity,

Robert Martinez Jr.
IAM International President


Dear Sisters, Brothers, and Friends of the IAM,

Juneteenth is recognized as a day that commemorates the end of slavery in the United States. A holiday that remembers June 19, 1866, when Black Texans gathered to celebrate the first anniversary of the ending of slavery. This day marked the end of an ugly chapter in American history and a new beginning for Black Americans and their quest for equality.

This day is a reminder that the fight continues for democracy and economic justice for all Americans. Our union has played a part in dismantling the barriers that keep everyone from fully participating in our society. 

The collective bargaining agreements we have fought for over the years have been an essential tool that allows everyone to succeed economically and confront any threats to their futures. Threats like the erosion of voting rights, which the labor movement is working to protect by highlighting harmful legislation.

We must all come together and fight for workers’ rights. The best way to achieve that goal is to embrace and celebrate our diversity.

Our union has recognized the importance of racial justice in and outside of the workplace over the years. We fight hard to ensure it’s essential to our collective bargaining agreements. Racial justice and economic justice go hand in hand. 

Please take this holiday to reflect on how far we have come and the work needed in the future to achieve racial and economic equality for all.

In solidarity,

Robert Martinez Jr.
IAM International President


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