IAM Celebrates 130 years founded in 1888

Local 47 Hall


IAMLocal-47 shares office space with IAMLocal-1886 in their building

at 5621 Bowen Ct., Commerce City, CO 80022


Brief History of Lodge 47

Rocky Mountain Lodge Local 47, once known as “Pioneer Lodge 47” held its first meeting on October 10th, 1889. At that time it was a mixed lodge with members from local Railroad and Machine Shops. Lodge 47 was officially chartered by the “National Association of Machinist” on October 1st, 1890.

The National Association of Machinist later became the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAMAW).

There have been many changes since then and our local is still a mixed local, but the types of companies our members work at has changed a bit. We are an amalgamated local with workers in many locations throughout  Colorado and Cheyenne Wyoming.

The trades and skills our members represents are varied and include: mechanics/diesel mechanics, assemblers, line workers, military/airfield support, medical support and manufacturers just to mention a few.

The historical images below are excerpts taken from a 1990 booklet of the 100th Anniversary celebration for Unions in Colorado.

100th Anniversary 1990 47 Charter 00000_small Original First Charter Local 47 A History First Meeting Notes Local 47 A
Certificate National Charter First Charter First Meeting
Local 47 Original Preamble A History page 1 Local 47 A History page 2 Local 47 A History page 3 Local 47 A
Preamble Text Excerpt-1 Text Excerpt-2 Text Excerpt-3

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