H.A.W.K. Award goes to Barron Von Criswell

Help A Worker Know Award (H.A.W.K.)

Some of the reasons Barron is more that deserving of this award are:

Organizing Barron has volunteered to go house to house on past organizations campaigns and has even helped in other states. Know you can count on him whenever you’re in need.

Servicing Barron was the Vice President of Local 47 for over 15 years and moved to a trustee position so other members could get more involved in the operations of the local. During Barrons 25 plus years as an officer of local 47 he has missed less than five local meetings. Barron is also the Chief Steward at Swisslog where he has been employed for over 30 years.

Community Service/GDA: Barron initially set up and still runs our very first successful Sporting Clays Shoot to Benefit GDA and we normally have a turnout of between 35 to 50 participants and make between $1500.00 to $3000.00 for GDA. Next year we will probably get between 100 to 150 participants with the inclusion of local 1886 District 19  and Local 1338. Barron also volunteers in the community as well. Barron has volunteered with The Miss Wheelchair Colorado pageant.

Congratulations Barron, thank you for all your hard work